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About the County Archives

Fylkesarkivet provides you with comprehensive and important sources to the local history of Sogn og Fjordane. The gateway to our collections and services is our webpage: www.fylkesarkiv.no

Other resources

Fylkesarkivet also offers many other entry ways to local history – through themes and organized resources from the following domains:

  • Music, film and oral tradition 
  • Municipal archive catalogues from the whole county 
  • Private archives 
  • Emigration to America 
  • Biographical and genealogical source materials 

At our webpage we have organised and made available many governmental archive series which are kept in national archives. These include the oldest church registers, population censuses, census registrations, shift register, register of mortgages and land registers. In conjunction with the remainder of the historical documents such as photos, emigration records and the farm name encyclopaedia, these archive series constitute rich source materials well suited for biographical and genealogical research.

  • The year 1905: This project documents what happened in Sogn og Fjordane in 1905, the year Norway became an independent state and the union with Sweden was dissolved.
  • Road history 


Fylkesarkivet has developed search modules for the different resources. These also make it possible to find information across the databases. Additional, a development work is in progress with aim to establish a coordinated ABM-search across the resources of the archives, libraries and museums in the county.

Reading room

The reading room at Fylkesarkivet is well fitted for visits from the public. Visitors can get advice and guidance, access to archive materials and our collection of local historical literature. The services are free, but visitors will have to make an appointment beforehand.


The archive publishes the local historical periodical Kjelda three times a year. Many volumes are now digitally accessible in PDF-format at our webpage.

About the institution

Fylkesarkivet i Sogn og Fjordane documents, preserves and disseminates municipal archive material, photos, audiovisual materials, place names, private archives and literature. Fylkesarkivet works steadfastly at digitizing historical documents, and we are regarded as playing a leading role within this line of work at a national level. Fylkesarkivet is a relatively new institution, established in 1983, and a substantial part of our work has been project based and focused on developing new and better infrastructure and services. We have many partners – institutions, organisations and individuals. Fylkesarkivet also participate in international collaborations. We have 12 staff members. The institution is owned by Sogn og Fjordane County Muncipality and is located in bright and functional premises in the village of Hermansverk in Leikanger municipality. The newly built central depot was finished in 2006.

Cooperation with the municipalities

One of our main lines of work is municipal archive work. Fylkesarkivet strives to develop the municipal archive sector, and advices and guides the municipalities in their work. In 2006 we established a shared depot where we offer the municipalities of the county storage of their oldest archive materials. Nearly all the municipalities in the county take part in this collaboration. All in all, five positions are connected to this work.

Ongoing project

Fylkesarkivet is at present participating in the 3-year project EuropeanLocal. EuropeanaLocal aims to bring digital content from local and regional archives, museums and libraries into Europeana (www.europeana.eu). Europeana is a multilingual web portal, where members of the public will obtain direct access to digital/digitized cultural historical materials from all of Europe. One position as project advisor is linked to this project.

A few words about Sogn og Fjordane county

Sogn og Fjordane is one of the 19 counties or regions in Norway. Sogn og Fjordane is located in Western Norway, and is a rural area with a population of about 106.000. Sogn og Fjordane has in the later years struggled to achieve new growth both population wise and industry wise.

On the other hand, the development is positive in many regards concerning the welfare and prosperity of the inhabitants as compared to the rest of the country. The grand nature with fjords, mountains and glaciers attract both tourists and outdoor people. The county has over one million guest days a year. Please contact us at: postmottak.sffarkiv@sfj.no

Fylkesarkivet i Sogn og Fjordane, Askedalen 2, 6863 Leikanger, Norway Tlf +47 57 63 80 00 - Faks +47 57 65 61 01 postmottak.sffarkiv@sfj.no